The history of
of Huertas

Huertas Furniture
is located in Lucena,
in southern Spain.

The Huertas Group was founded in 1990 by the brothers Alberto, Antonio, Francisco and Juan Luis, who had a great entrepreneurial and business spirit, to which they added the enthusiasm of those who undertake a common family project. With a lot of effort, perseverance and dedication, we have managed to reach the present day with 25,000 m² of facilities where the entire business network that makes up our brand is located:

Huertas Furniture.

We make unique
unique pieces for
unique people

Our vocation

At Huertas Furniture we design, manufacture and distribute home furniture and furniture for the Contract sector worldwide, with the chair being our most emblematic element and thanks to which we are recognised worldwide.

For the design of our furniture we also work with renowned designers such as Enrique Pons and Jordi Vidal.

We work with all styles, creating only exclusive models ranging from the most classic to the most modern styles.

In the same way, we are characterised not only by our adaptability when it comes to manufacturing our designs, but also, being aware of the social framework in which we find ourselves, we know how to adapt to all scopes.

The world’s largest chair

The chair
of Lucena

At Muebles Huertas we are proud to hold the Guinness World Record for the largest chair in the world, which we achieved in April 2005. This chair has a height of 26 metres, equivalent to an 8-storey building. For its construction 230 cubic metres of solid laminated wood from Scots pine were needed, which could have been used to make 9,200 chairs.

Inside it houses a museum room which we also use as a Business Centre, given its unbeatable location, it serves as a meeting place for Andalusian companies. Surrounded by olive groves typical of our land and just 100 metres from the A45 motorway, our chair has become an emblem that does not go unnoticed by any of the thousands of visitors who come to visit it every year. Furthermore, from the Silla Museo you can see the famous Hermitage of Nuestra Señora la Virgen de Araceli as well as a natural enclave of great importance for the province, the Subbética Natural Park.

Our facilities